Yui Kugimiya

donut and horizon: 15.11.2012 – 05.01.2013

     Opening: Jueves/Thursday 15 nov. 19:30-22:00 hrs.


“The sun goes down and the moon rises, soon the sun rises again. Circles and lines make the landscape of the future.

A vast grassy plain, a sunset sky and the horizon. Someone appears tiny on the horizon. Walking towards here, becoming bigger, the closer the figure seems. Behind him, the sun is moving, slowly.

A heavy, deep and low sound of an electric bass. The vibrating sound shakes the headphones. It isn’t unpleasant. It sounds like boredom or a mood in a daydream. The sound continues. It continues and leads into a landscape where that person is. It is uncertain if he hears this sound too. The man speaks, saying names of donuts one after another. He orders donuts at the counter. He had a craving for donuts.”

— A sketch for the animation Donut & Horizon. August 2012, Yui Kugimiya


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